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Paul Babe is the artistic catch-all of Twin Cities-bred multi-instrumentalist Seth Evans. The project elegantly fuses the organic and the computerized across cinematic arrangements of classically memorable songs. Evans’ nimble voice leans soulful and carves a path through the deceptively dense, psychedelic R&B forest found growing out of the tunes. Homemade and gritty, the bedroom producer vibes wallpapered throughout are painted over with a clean sheen of refreshing ambience, sealing the elements, both raw and polished. Paul Babe is experimental but rarely out of the groove, and when torn down to the studs, reveals that Evans is really a singer/songwriter at heart. Lyrics sometimes lighthearted, sometimes poignant, but primarily poetic, canopy the tracks and level up further the luring of the listener. In Webspeak, Paul Babe might be labeled #sexychill, which wouldn’t be wrong but doesn’t paint the band’s entire picture. The music is genuine, rich in spirit, and true to self which, in so many words, is better to say that it’s so rock & roll (#rocknroll).

Evolving from the Denver indie rock band and 2016 Tiny Desk Contest Runner-up Rossonian, Paul Babe is charging into 2024 with their debut album, three "In The Backyard" live performance videos, concept music videos, bite-sized song glimmers regularly shared on social channels, and more. Signed to Beige Records NYC, the band has a tentative launch schedule of pushing these unreleased assets into the world every two weeks starting at the end of November. This will continue until the album release in early April. Beige and Paul Babe are currently shopping for a PR firm to collaborate with and bolster the journey.

Paul Babe Backyard Sessions

These videos were recorded in the summer in the backyard of a longtime musician community house where, once upon a time, some of the band used to live. The Five Points, Denver, CO house was a landmark in their musical coming of age and was the place where the band that Paul Babe grew out of, Rossonian, was formed. Named after the legendary 20th century after-hours jazz club that was mentioned in Kerouac's On The Road, Rossonian was an essential stepping stone to the evolution of what is now Paul Babe. The band returned to the familiar and somewhat decrepit Emerson house (where ambitious musicians still call home) last summer and recorded these live performances of new songs in their old digs.

Debut Album "Dama Mesopotamica" (private link)

The initial seeds of the record were written and recorded on Evans' uncle's property in Northeast Iowa's Driftless area while Evans was there cat-sitting for a 20-year old deaf cat called Muffy. The property is a now nonoperational venison farm that backs up to the Mississippi river in between two peaks named by Lewis & Clark on their fabled expedition across America. Situated on a big bend in the river and holding numerous ancient Effigy burial mounds, the land has been a crossroads and meeting place for centuries. The album is named after a species of deer that Evans' uncle imported from across the world and raised on the property whom of which can be seen regularly galloping across the snowy, wooded landscape. The Mesopotamian fallow deer is a species thought to only exist in Iran and Israel but now, and much less commonly known, also Iowa. Seth spent two months at the property shortly following the unexpected death of a close friend and musical partner. Reflecting on this event while living in such a mystical place led to the writing of music wrought with undertones of positivity and hope for the future. Inspired by this midwest dirt that has been host to thousands of souls and countless times been reborn itself, Evans left Iowa with music for moments of trying to find the good in horrible situations and beauty in the scars. Like antlers being shed in anticipation of something new but familiar growing from the nubs, Paul Babe's debut is a work both wild and homey and definitely worth a listen.

Paul Babe is releasing a new song called When The Money's Comin' In on 11.14.23 with a cheerfully choreographed video to follow. The song serves themes of optimism and regeneration, telling a story about saving an old relationship while starting over again together on a new planet. It is happy, sexy, and energetic featuring pillowy, polyrhythmic blooming synth pads that encompass peppily layered high life-esque drums and percussion. Beige Records NYC and Paul Babe are hoping to begin the album content launch cycle within a month of releasing When The Money's Comin' In and its accompanying video. Please contact Zach McMillan at Beige to discuss working together.

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